Developments in Anti-Trafficking Efforts: 2008–2011

Foot, K., Toft, A., & Cesare, N. (2015). Developments in Anti-Trafficking Efforts: 2008-2011. Journal of Human Trafficking, 1(2), 136-155.

Supplemental Data File:


Human trafficking has drawn increasing public attention since the early 2000s, accompanied by significant developments in anti-trafficking efforts (ATEs) around the world. Focusing on ATE developments since 2008, this article provides statistical data on 586 governmental, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental agencies and organizations engaged in ATE, including their geographical bases and areas of operation, and the types of trafficking and victims on which these actors’ ATEs are focused. Second, this article analyzes changes between 2008 and 2011 in the prevalence and robustness of eight types of ATEs: (a) research; (b) policy advocacy; (c) awareness-raising; (d) prevention; (e) intervention; (f) law enforcement; (g) restoration; and (h) equipping. Data for this developmental analysis were gathered through an 85-measure structured content analysis of the Web sites from a panel of approximately 150 geographically diverse agencies and organizations, sampled purposively from a pool of over 586 actors. Findings evidence large increases in the prevalence and robustness of reported ATEs in research, awareness-raising, prevention, and restoration and moderate increases in intervention, enforcement, equipping, and advocacy. Findings are also reported by geographical region, pointing to substantial increases in restoration and enforcement in South America, equipping in the Caribbean, and enforcement in Southeast Asia.

Keywords: anti-trafficking efforts, content analysis, quantitative data, regional analysis, sector analysis, Web sites

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