Coalition, Collaboration & Social Movement Networks

I am interested in the efforts by movement participants to engage in collaboration through coalitions, networks, and collective events and projects. Often these projects are more like public scholarship than traditional academic work, and produce deliverables aimed at benefiting the communities that they are engaged with. In addition to homeless organizing and the anti-human trafficking movement, I have worked on two projects that focus on efforts by movement participants to build social movements: the the Northwest Community Radio Network and the Northwest Social Forum.

The Northwest Community Radio Network (NWCRN): This is a regional project that facilitated a regional conference, a weakly syndicated public affairs program (Listen Up Northwest), and a collaborative support network for new and established full power, low power, and micro-power radio stations to share resources and expertise. I helped organize the conference and helped to analyzed a participant survey for the community.

The Northwest Social Forum (NWSF): The social forum movement has built a network of regional and global social fora aimed at building solidarity across movements and visioning movement goals and strategies. The NWSF was aimed at creating a regional forum, but was canceled at the last minute. A collaborative projects with the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement examined organizing documents and combined a survey with qualitative interviews with participants, resulting in a report for the community.

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